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This website started out as some free webspace that came with my internet provider account. The space went unused for about a year until I got the idea to post some stuff I had written up on the JFK assassination and the Tunguska event, two subjects that I had dabbled in as a hobby for some time prior. The web pages contained dated updates related to the subject matter, so I guess you could say I was one of the original bloggers. Earthlink had this amateur web starter program called Click N’ Build, and I believe the general idea of the space was for people to upload their personal photos and such, but that wasn’t going to work for me. So with the help of an acquaintance, I put together a couple web pages in a html editor. The pages went online about May of 2001. The Earthlink website is long gone, but I saved the index page for posterity here: old earthlink index.

In March of 2006, I did a major restructure of the pages. It was also about this time that I finished a sci-fi novel that I had been working on for about four years prior. However, lacking confidence in the grammatical quality of the book at the time, I gave up sending queries after only four or five were sent. Some time after this, I read an article about a new type of book printing called Print-On-Demand, so I uploaded some files to one such outfit in May of 2008. The next logical move seemed to be advertising the book and posting a link to it on the website. Earthlink would not let me do it, of course; but anyway, the bandwidth was so limited, the website usually went offline after the first two weeks of every month. So I purchased a domain in May of 2008. Since then the webpages have piled up, and the scary thing is, I am the only author. I try to focus on subjects that are relevant and subjects that I know something about to start with. The next step is always to try and put the information in the most succinct and easily understood way possible. You will not find any misrepresentation or general monkey business here. And with the exception perhaps of a paragraph from a book by Nicholas Roerich, a memo written by James Rowley, and some Tunguska witness accounts, you will not find any text here copied from any source.

The book, by the way, is no doubt a much easier read than it was in 2006; I usually update the print files about once a year to correct any small goofs that I have come across, which are getting pretty hard to find these days.

This website is not affiliated in any shape or form with any similar domain, myface page, or twittle account. This website contains no viruses, malware, or Google script, or any other script, for that matter, related to corporations that have turned nearly the entire Internet into a massive spy operation.

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