Someone please get this guy out of the!

This page is, of course, based on a previous page I posted back on December of 2017 titled "Someone please get this blthering idiot out of the!" featuring President Trump after his call to move the US embassy to Jerusalem and recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The call for removing President Joe Biden from the presidency should not be taken in any literal sense; it is only meant to grab attention to what I think is very serious subject; however, under no circumstance would I currently recommend voting him back in office.

You will notice that I replaced "blithering idiot" with "guy" I did this after internally debating whether or not Joe Biden’s calls for censorship are really on par with Donald Trump’s pointless troublemaking; and the conclusion I came to is, probably not, putting aside any cynicism for a moment and giving Biden the benefit of the doubt that he really does believe he is doing the right thing in the name of saving lives and not to simply aid and abet the corporate takeover of America. But I do consider his attempt to shred the first admendment of the US Constitution to be very dangerous, so c'est la vie.

Biden has put forth one stupendously good idea, and that is to invest in US infrastructure. However, as of the time I am writing this, my prediction is it will most likely turn into a huge joke on the American people; and instead of taxing those corporate CEOs that are making hundreds of times the salary of the average worker, have sent many a good-paying manufacturing job to China, and spend their off-time flying into space in giant d----s, the money will end up being borrowed, with the cost shifted through public debt to everyone while the extremely wealthy get richer.

But Biden, by getting directly involved in censorship and—if I understand correctly, and I am not a victim of disinformation myself—with the intent to have content removed from public view, has unquestionably violated the first amendment of the constitution and is pushing one stupendously bad idea.

I would suggest this to the Biden administration: Create a debunking website. List the categories of the subjects you think have been assaulted with disinformation. List the specific claim, and then your rebuttal, then promote the website to the best of your ability. Then shut the ---- up. If people do not take a little time, then, to get a second opinion, it is on them, not you. I don’t like disinformation myself, and we agree that anyone dying due to bad information is tragic, but this is not communist Russia or China, and it’s all that can be done in this country, liable, slander, or blatant calls for violence, excluded.

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