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A good book, if I do say so myself. And I think anyone should be able to follow along without necessarily having read Earth Raiders. I think writing hard-science-fiction—especially when you are doing your best to stay within the borders of hard science fiction, and avoid venturing too far into the whole “mystical realm” thing—can be one of the most taxing forms of writing; because not only do you have to be the master story teller, you have to be “Thomas Edison” at the same time, which is why I am very proud to have authored something with so much originality from front to back.

Back cover: It has all but become a historical footnote that one of the NASA astronauts caught up in Nekush Ajieen’s operation was the late Dr. Wesley Furste, who worked for NASA as a moon geologist and made no less than three round trips to the moon. His clone, created by Nekush, also made a trip to the moon and was presumed lost, having disappeared from the far side over fifty years ago. But guess what? He’s back, and man has he ever got a story to tell. . . .

Synopsis Spoiler alert: I didn't include any details regarding major plot twists, but it does include some of the story's twists and turns.

Lulu.com - Behind the Veil of Pilash - paperback 177 pages. Format: 6X9 perfect bound, premium paperback. Year published: 2016. Price: $7.00.

Behind the Veil of Pilash chapter 1 (free pdf)

Joe B. (acquaintance)
Really enjoyed the book as usual. The characters are developed well, the settings are described to paint a great mental picture, and the technological side of things is based in enough science to make it fun. The best part is the inner thoughts and dialogue of the characters. Dr. Furste being the great hero. You have an amazing imagination.

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Back cover: An aquatic alien has been duplicated here on Earth, and he has wasted no time in taking hostages. Is he here as an enemy, or is he Earth’s last hope against an alien invasion? As the alien’s deception mounts, each member of a small group of human insiders must wrestle with his or her conscience regarding the creature and his deeds. As the truth slowly unfolds, five teenagers learn that the fate of the world might truly rest on their shoulders and whether or not they can crack an ancient Old-Testament code in time to spare Earth from imminent invasion.

Synopsis Spoiler alert: I didn't include any details regarding major plot twists, but it does include some of the story's twists and turns.

Lulu.com - Earth Raiders - paperback 244 pages. Format: 6X9 perfect bound, premium paperback. Year published: 2011. Price: $8.35.

Earth Raiders chapts 1-4 (free pdf)

A bit of background behind this one: I think it's more of a movie thing rather than a book-author thing, but I became fatigued of watching movies that start out sensible enough, only to become increasingly absurd until completely falling apart at the end (you know what I mean). So, good idea or bad, I decided to flip the phenomenon on its head and write a story that starts out a bit absurd, only to gradually make more sense and improve as the story progresses. The result, Earth Raiders and Behind the Veil . . . is a story that begins a bit toonish and, hopefully, ends up being worthwhile by the very end. At any rate, I wouldn’t take the first four chapters at face value . . .

Back cover: In the latter part of the 21st century, a probe is sent to investigate the source of radiation recorded by Voyager 1 decades earlier at the very fringes of the sun’s influence. The probe discovers a strange object, assumed to be artificial, entering the outer solar system on a course trajectory for the inner solar system. Earth has assembled a manned mission, utilizing parts left over from NASA’s long-retired Space Shuttle Program, to intercept the object before it intersects the orbital path of Saturn. During the journey, the ship is lost, but little do the members of the five-person crew realize that they have not seen the last of the space shuttle Pegasus. Nor do they realize just how much their two-year adventure will change the course of humanity.

Synopsis Spoiler alert: I didn't include any details regarding major plot twists, but it does include some of the story's twists and turns.

Lulu.com - The Pegasus Mission - paperback 270 pages. Format: 6x9 perfect bound, premium paperback. Year published: 2010, 1st Edition: 2007. Price: $8.85.

The Pegasus Mission chapts 1-4 (free pdf)

Some Pegasus Mission math that might not add up. Pegasus Mission math

Some background: My first science-fiction novel. I have read a lot of science-fiction novels that ultimately have very simple plot lines. So I set out to write something more complex – something that might need read more than once to fully comprehend (a puzzle to put together, as it were). Actually, in hindsight, I might have overdid it a little with this one, adding perhaps one to many sub-plots to the point that describing the central theme gets difficult. The central theme, though, is whether religion is complete nonsense or involves an element of truth that doesn’t involve an incomprehensible creator-of-all. Not an original thought, by far, when it come to science fiction, of course, but this story probably tackles the notion in a more obvious and direct manner than most, in the spirit of The Jesus Incident (F. Herbert and B. Ransom), for example.

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