JFK assassination summary

Well, here we are, less than two years from the 60th anniversary of the assassination. I put this page together to briefly summarize the JFK assassination as I see it after 40 years of studying the subject. Is it absolute truth? I don’t know; I wasn’t there, but all I can do is offer my best conclusion until something comes along that seriously throws it into doubt.

The story of the JFK assassination

A guy named Lee Harvey Oswald used to hang out, or at least loosely associate, with a very anti-Castro crowd that included mobster types, others loosely affiliated with the first, some Cuban refugees and various government employees or ex-employees of the CIA, ONI and FBI. While many of these same people were angry at JFK for the Bay of Pigs, some were angry about that and other things, such as race relations and anti-organized crime measures by the JFK administration.

Oswald eventually got involved in a clandestine project to breed a virus that could cause cancer in humans. While he was doing this, he resurrected and promoted a made-up persona of being a Marxist, which began years before when he was being prepared for a Russian assignment. He did this as part of a plan to get into Cuba and somehow give Castro the cancer virus, or perhaps use the virus to gain Castro’s trust, so that he could get to him some other way.

By chance, Oswald found himself working at the SBD in Dallas and learned one day that the presidential motorcade would be passing by the building. Wheels began turning in his head, and he imagined himself assassinating the president of the United States, and in the process, pleasing the aforementioned group of “friends,” as well as impressing Castro and the Russians.

What Oswald’s exact plans were for the aftermath of the assassination may never be known, but it is very possible that he did expect some help escaping Dallas, only to be failed by his partners in crime. It is also possible that Oswald fired off more rounds than he had hoped to, thus allowing the law to zero in on the SBD more quickly than he would have preferred.

After the assassination, there was apparently a campaign by someone to erase anyone who they feared might talk about the virus project, the resulting string of homicides having much more to do with the virus project than the assassination of JFK.


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