Someone please get this blithering idiot out of the!

There is one decision that Donald Trump has made as President—and only one—that I am in full agreement with, and that is the decision to strike the Syrian air base. The policy makes much more sense to me than waiting twenty years and making up lies to supposedly stop or punish someone from performing genocidal acts; in other words: waiting until the point has long been lost. But this latest call by Mr. “Big Shot” to get the cameras turned on him by picking one of the most hot-button issues on the planet to meddle in is not in any way in the best interest of the United States, and only has to do with Bible passages, US Christian Zionist sympathies, and outright provocation, rather than any sort of pragmatic decision making. I am, of course, referring to Trump’s latest call to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

I call on the sensible people of the United States to stand with me, and demand, with urgency, that Donald Trump retract his statements regarding the capital of Israel and the moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem.

Dave Conklin 12/09/2017

12/27/17: The death toll of Palestinians now stands at fifteen; almost three thousand injured. Truly boggles the mind how something as predictable as the sun coming up could “further the peace process.” The major news networks were reporting the Palestinian protests up front on the nightly news, then, about December 12th, suddenly no mention at all. I can’t watch all the TV news networks at once, of course, but I did not hear mention of it again until the 22nd. So how could a major ongoing news story suddenly become no news at all, even when there were no bigger news stories to bump it down? Well, if you don’t already know the answer to that, you must live in a different country than I do. I would recommend getting an alternative point of view—while it is still possible. Here is a good place to start: Jerusalem as capital: All the latest | Israeli–Palestinian conflict News | Al Jazeera

Israeli–Palestinian conflict - Al Jazeera latest news

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