This was originally a file I had on my computer for my own reference that I decided to post. It is basically just a list of nit-picky questions concerning the JFK assassination that I would like to know, but do not really have the resources to answer. If anyone happens to know the answer to one, or conducts one of their own tests, please drop me an email.

1 What is the average vertical distance from the neck crease at the back of the neck to the area of JFK’s exit wound (the halfway point between the very bottom of the larynx and the very top of the breastbone) for a person of JFK’s stature--6’ 170lbs?
11/14/19, Upon further research, the neck crease is probably a poor reference point to draw any  firm conclusions from, as a person's neack crease tends to rise slightly as the chin falls and visa-versa. And it's hard to say just what the cadaver's head position was when the back-entry point autopsy photo was taken. So as far as my diagrams on my "highlights" page are concerned, I would say they are just another somewhat-less-than-ironclad factor to consider regarding the path of the single bullet.

2 Would the difference in the direction that Oswald’s rifle was pointed between Zapruder frames 143 and 223-313 (about 16 degrees) cause any great difference in the perceived loudness of the gunshots shots at various locations around Dealey plaza, including the fifth floor windows of the SBD, the Zapruder-Sitzman location, and the railroad tower west of the SBD?

3 Exactly how much would the arm of the traffic light pole sticking out over Elm Street have been an obstacle for a shot from the sniper’s nest window at exactly Zapruder frame 143?
11/24/13, question answered: According to Dale Myers, the traffic light pole/traffic light would have crossed Oswald's line of sight about 1.6 seconds before Zapruder frame 143.

4 Could a round fired from a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle at an asphalt road at high noon on a brisk day ricochet off without leaving a crater? What would happen to the asphalt and bullet? Could it cause a tiny white spot to appear on 8mm film running at 18.3 frames per second?

5 What kind of damage could a chunk of bullet lead launched horizontally from five feet above the ground do to a concrete curb some 260 feet away? And what kind damage would a direct shot cause to the curb from a MC rifle fired from 520 feet away?


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