Israel: A Failed State

Back in December of 2017, I created this page: Trump has got to go regarding then President Trump’s support for Israel’s slow but relentless expansion. I long ago removed it, but I have restored it as an archival page. On 5/11/19, I replaced it with this page: An open letter to Iran. About ten months later, I added an abstract paragraph regarding comments made by the ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt to the end of my 2/21/22 “State of the Union” entry. Then, in my 2/20/23 SOTU entry, I wrote the following: [Israel: So history keeps repeating itself in the Holy Land—again, and again, and again. It always starts with Israel electing a hardliner, who wants to build more settlements in the West Bank, or knock the mosque off the Temple Mount and build a new temple of Solomon, or behave in way that suggests it. This angers the Palestinians, and sooner or later Israel goes in and shoots a bunch of them, having discovered a group of them making rockets in their tent, or whatever, often leading to all hell breaking loose. I’m not worried about being labeled a racist or an anti-Semite for what I just wrote, because I’m sure I already have been.]

Pretty much nailed that one, huh?

Lastly, I added an entry following the October 7th, 2023 attack by Hamas to my Daily Blog page, predicting that Netanyahu would go in to Gaza and inflict ten times the damage and death toll.

Pretty much nailed that one, too.

Anyway, I just hope it is obvious now why I wrote all of it: because I saw the October 7th attack coming from a mile away—maybe ten miles. I didn’t know exactly when it would happen or what form it would take, but I knew it was coming from the moment then President Trump decided to “team-up” with Israel and assist them in their quest to recreate the past. But what can one do? You can’t go online and state, if you idiots do not undo everything you just did, they are going to kill you, without sounding like you yourself are trying to conjure something. Then, after the attack, all I here is, “We didn’t see that coming,” “We didn’t see that coming,” and not just from intelligence officials, but from people like Matthew Levitt--supposedly an expert on terrorism at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Don’t know what to say to Mr. Levitt except, I think you really need to find another line of work.

And I don’t care what anyone says, if the United States had gone in and started blowing up Iran like we did Iraq, all the resulting death and destruction would not have stopped anything in the scheme of things, and may ultimately have made things worse.

But, honestly, I sure don’t feel like a genius or some kind of modern-day Nostradamus; more like—old. I am more than half a century old and have been hearing about this squabbling my entire life, and if I was twenty years older, it would be the same. And, quite frankly, I’m tired of hearing about it; and I get the impression a lot of other people are tired of hearing about it, despite the fact that so many older people seem to have disappeared since the Covid pandemic.

But that is not the full story, of course: Right now, the Israeli army and Hamas are going at each others throats, but they are actual working together—and quite cooperatively—towards one common goal…dragging the United States into a war with Iran and possibly other Middle-East countries sympathetic to the Palestinian cause, and they appear to be succeeding.

And here in the US, we now have a group of communist social-nanny democrats and a dictator in chief pulling out all the stops to try and trash our constitutional rights and control public opinion, using words like hate speech and misinformation, all in an blatantly unconstitutional attempt to keep the money flowing to Israel--and to themselves--so Israel can keep doing the same thing it has always been doing.

So let me get this straight, you say I should hand over my basic constitutional rights because some mentally disturbed individual somewhere might be radicalized, as if all the stuff going on in Israel and Gaza isn't enough . . . Well, don't know about you but I live in a country that had over 21,000 murders in 2022 and over 600 mass shootings for no specific cause whatsoever? Thanks, but I, for one, accept the risk. Freedom of expression in the United States is a strength, not a weakness, and damned if I am going to let a bunch of nitwits, a few lone nuts, special interest organizations, corporations, or presidents destroy it without a fight.  

Anyway, I feel for those who would be content to have a place in the Holy Land called Israel even if not the Israel of two thousand years ago, but this is not working. The creation of Israel was a wrong, and the US should never have recognized it as a country. I know that, you know that, and the Palestinians know that, and when the prevelent philosophy of both sides appears to be one wrong always deserves another, this stupidity could go on forever. So, and I know I am far from being the only one who feels this way, I would say the US needs to stop funding or supplying any weapons to Israel until major changes are made. And I would call upon all of those who are sympathetic to having a Jewish state in the so called Holy Land, but perhaps not so sympathetic to recreating the past by force and attrition (some would call it Zionism), and those sympathetic to the Palestinian plight, but perhaps not to the notion of recreating Palestine, to make your voices hear loud and clear; and call for a new country (with a new name) to be established within the present day borders of Israel/West Bank/Gaza. The new country should be evenly divided with a Jewish half and Palestinian half (not to ever be named anything other than the Jewish half and the Palestinian half), with the border between the two halves, and sensitive religious sites, policed only by a neutral security force. And yes, this one-state-solution would be a very unusual country, to say the least.

Of course, the bad news is, there are too many in Israel and outside of Israel, at present, who are hell-bent on recreating the past and will never let such a thing happen. And there are too many inside and outside the West Bank and Gaza hell-bent on recreating the past. So, again, to all those I just called on to raise their voice, I also suggest that, if your leaders are clearly not interested in any sort of compromise, you simply walk away. That is probably something easier to do for an Israeli citizen right now than the residents trapped in Gaza being shot at like fish in a barrel, but perhaps it is time to send a message to Hamas, Hamas's supporters and the Israeli government and its supporters that most of the the people are not going to play their game anymore. When Hamas looks around and sees their precious Palestine dissolving, and the Israeli Zioinists look around and see their precious Israel dissolving, perhaps then they will realize they need to change their thought processes.

So what do I see in my “crystal ball” if big changes are not made? Well, I could tell you person to person, perhaps, but it is nothing I want to post on the web.

One last thing: I keep hearing the term terrorists being repeatedly applied to the Oct 7th attackers. However, when you think of terrorists, you think of the small band hijacking a ship, a lone suicide bomber, etc. The Oct 7th attack looked to me to be an attack from a small army using any means at their disposal to attack Israel. Makes you wonder how large the next-generation army will be.

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